How to create an NFT using algogems: Step by Step Instructions with Screen Shots

Recently algogems, an NFT minter and marketplace, went through an update. Seeing all the Algorand NFT Twitter traffic, we decided to make our own NFT to test the updated platform for ease of use and functionality.

In this tutorial, we go step by step through the NFT minting and sale process.

Step 1: Create art

During the first step in the journey, we created a piece of art worthy of sharing with the community. Meet AlgoPresidents #01 Washington.

AlgoPresidents #01 Washington

Our art is 17.6 Mb which is under the 18 Mb limit that AlgoGems currently accepts. As a note, is still in beta, so there is the potential for errors to occur in this process.

Step 2: Go to

Step 3: Log in to using your Algorand Wallet

First, select the lock in the upper right-hand corner. Next, choose your Algorand Wallet type.

Then, use your WalletConnect function in your Algorand Wallet to scan the QR code to link your wallet to algogems. Your wallet is your login. Connecting it is proof-of-artist because your NFTs are minted with your public wallet address. You should not be asked for your private key. You should never provide the private key to your wallet to anyone.

You will be asked to select the address to authenticate. Once you choose your address, you will authenticate through your wallet app.

Select your wallet address
Review and sign the null transaction

Authenticating costs nothing. You will need to authorize the log in using your wallet so have it open and ready.

Step 4: Review your profile

Congrats! You are now connected. Your profile name will be your public wallet address.

Step 5: Create your first Collection

In your profile, beside Collection, select the new button. This function allows you to build a collection and add the NFTs you will mint in the future.

You will be able to add header art to your Collection with a title and description. For now, we will use the art we are minting as an NFT as the collection header art.

We created a placeholder collection for now. You can update your collection name and description in the future.

Creating a collection does not create an NFT, that is done separately.

Step 6: Mint your first NFT on the Algorand Blockchain!

Next, select Create.

You will be brought to the NFT factory.

Here you can upload your art.

Select Let’s Go! and your art will be uploaded to IPFS.

Next, add a title, description, and tags to your NFT.

You can decide to add royalties and mint it to your wallet (you will pay a small .001 Algo fee to mint to your wallet). We added a 5% royalty and minted our NFT to our wallet.

Your NFT is now minted to your wallet!

Step 7: Sell or Auction your NFT

We decided to sell our NFT for 5 Algos. You can auction or sell depending on your preferences.

Algogems space dwarfs will prepare your NFT for sale and list it on their exchange.

You can update the price if you change your mind.

Step 8: Add your NFT to a Collection

As the first of several AlgoPresidents NFTs, we added AlgoPresidents #01 Washington to our AlgoPresidents collection.

We also updated the title and description of our collection.

Step 9: Check out your NFT under Sales!

Your NFT is now for sale! Congratulations. Sit back and wait for it to sell or advertise on your social media accounts.

Buyers should see something like this when they select the NFT.

You can check out our two NFTs for sale here:

Check out AlgoBen

Check out AlgoPresidents #01 Washington


We found algogems intuitive and transparent. We will cover how to sell an already existing NFT on algogems in the future. There are other options out there to explore if you do not want to use algogems. Other Algorand NFT marketplaces include:

AB2 Gallery

Rand Gallery

We believe in the creator economy and supporting artists. There are tons of cool NFTs on the Algorand blockchain. Happy exploring!

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